Current time on the continent Oceania

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#CityNumber of citiesTime in the capitalTimezoneStandard/DST times
1 American Samoa106:23 (Pago Pago)UTC-11:00 (sst) -
2 Australia30003:23 (Sydney)UTC+10:00 (aest) Saturday, 03 Apr. 2021,
Saturday, 02 Oct. 2021
3 Christmas Island100:23 (Christmas Island)UTC+07:00 (unknown) -
4 Cook Islands107:23 (Nassau Island)UTC-10:00 (unknown) -
5 Fiji505:23 (Suva)UTC+12:00 (unknown) Saturday, 13 Nov. 2021,
Saturday, 15 Jan. 2022
6 French Polynesia3207:23 (Papeete)UTC-10:00 (unknown) -
7 Kiribati1505:23 (Tarawa)UTC+12:00 (unknown) -
8 Marshall Islands1305:23 (Majuro)UTC+12:00 (unknown) -
9 Micronesia, Federated States of Micronesia304:23 (Pohnpei)UTC+11:00 (unknown) -
10 New Caledonia704:23 (Noumea)UTC+11:00 (unknown) -
11 New Zealand5005:23 (Wellington)UTC+12:00 (nzmt) Saturday, 03 Apr. 2021,
Saturday, 25 Sep. 2021
12 Northern Mariana Islands203:23 (Saipan)UTC+10:00 (chst) -
13 Palau103:23 (-)UTC+10:00 (aest) Saturday, 03 Apr. 2021,
Saturday, 02 Oct. 2021
14 Papua New Guinea5703:23 (Port Moresby)UTC+10:00 (unknown) -
15 Samoa306:23 (Apia)UTC+13:00 (unknown) Saturday, 03 Apr. 2021,
Saturday, 25 Sep. 2021
16 Solomon Islands604:23 (Honiara)UTC+11:00 (unknown) -
17 Timor-Leste602:23 (Dili)UTC+09:00 (unknown) -
18 Tonga606:23 (Nuku’alofa)UTC+13:00 (unknown) -
19 Tuvalu105:23 (Funafuti Atoll)UTC+12:00 (unknown) -
20 United States Minor Outlying Islands103:23 (-)UTC+10:00 (aest) Saturday, 03 Apr. 2021,
Saturday, 02 Oct. 2021
21 Vanuatu304:23 (Port Vila)UTC+11:00 (unknown) -
22 Wallis and Futuna105:23 (Wallis Island)UTC+12:00 (unknown) -

The continent of Australia and Oceania

Australia and Oceania is one of the continents on the planet Earth. This part of the world consists of Australia and the adjoining islands which called Oceania. The total area of Australia and Oceania accounts for 8,510,000 sq km.

  • The population of Australia is approximately 39,900,000 people or about 1% of the total Earth’s population. The density of the population in Australia is very low – about 3.18 persons per square kilometre;
  • Australia and Oceania have 8 main time zones: UTC+10, UTC+11, UTC+12, UTC+13, UTC+14, UTC-12, UTC-11, UTC-10;
  • Australia’s total area accounts for 17,692,024 sq km;
  • The continent consists of 28 countries and other dependent territories with such well-known countries as Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and others.
  • In addition to Australia and Oceania, there are also 6 continents in the world: AfricaAntarcticaAsiaEuropeNorth AmericaSouth America.

There are 5 climatic zones on the continent: subequatorial, equatorial, tropical, subtropical and temperate zones. The larger part of Australia has a moderate climate with a range of temperatures from 6°С to 27°С.

The region of Australia and Oceania, especially the islands of Oceania are exposed to the ruinous influence of natural disasters such as volcanic explosions, tsunami, cyclones, earthquakes, typhoons, heavy rainfalls and droughts.