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#CityNumber of citiesTime in the capitalTimezoneStandard/DST times
1 Antigua and Barbuda102:04 (Barbuda)UTC-04:00 (ast) -
2 Bahamas1602:04 (George Town)UTC-04:00 (est) Sunday, 14 Mar. 2021,
Sunday, 07 Nov. 2021
3 Barbados102:04 (Bridgetown)UTC-04:00 (ast) -
4 Belize900:04 (Belmopan)UTC-06:00 (cst) -
5 Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba202:04 (Bonaire)UTC-04:00 (ast) -
6 Canada19202:04 (Ottawa)UTC-04:00 (est) Sunday, 14 Mar. 2021,
Sunday, 07 Nov. 2021
7 Costa Rica2200:04 (San Jose)UTC-06:00 (cst) -
8 Cuba2002:04 (Havana)UTC-04:00 (cst) Sunday, 14 Mar. 2021,
Sunday, 07 Nov. 2021
9 Dominican Republic902:04 (Santo Domingo)UTC-04:00 (ast) -
10 El Salvador100:04 (San Salvador)UTC-06:00 (cst) -
11 Greenland3403:04 (Nuuk)UTC-03:00 (unknown) Sunday, 28 Mar. 2021,
Sunday, 31 Oct. 2021
12 Grenada102:04 (St. George’s)UTC-04:00 (ast) -
13 Guadeloupe602:04 (Basse-Terre)UTC-04:00 (ast) -
14 Guatemala1300:04 (Guatemala)UTC-06:00 (cst) -
15 Haiti502:04 (Port-au-Prince)UTC-04:00 (est) Sunday, 14 Mar. 2021,
Sunday, 07 Nov. 2021
16 Honduras3200:04 (Tegucigalpa)UTC-06:00 (cst) -
17 Jamaica601:04 (Kingston)UTC-05:00 (est) -
18 Martinique102:04 (Fort-de-France)UTC-04:00 (ast) -
19 Mexico8900:04 (Mexico)UTC-06:00 (cst) Sunday, 04 Apr. 2021,
Sunday, 31 Oct. 2021
20 Nicaragua900:04 (Managua)UTC-06:00 (cst) -
21 Panama3601:04 (Nargana)UTC-05:00 (cmt) -
22 Puerto Rico1002:04 (San Juan)UTC-04:00 (ast) -
23 Saint Pierre and Miquelon204:04 (Saint-Pierre)UTC-02:00 (ast) Sunday, 14 Mar. 2021,
Sunday, 07 Nov. 2021
24 Trinidad and Tobago202:04 (Port of Spain)UTC-04:00 (ast) -
25 United States166902:04 (Washington)UTC-04:00 (est) Sunday, 14 Mar. 2021,
Sunday, 07 Nov. 2021
26 Virgin Islands, British102:04 (Tortola)UTC-04:00 (ast) -
27 Virgin Islands, U.S.302:04 (Tortola)UTC-04:00 (ast) -

The continent of North America

North America is one of the six continents of the planet Earth which is located in the northern part of the globe. The area of North America exclusive of islands accounts for 20,360,000 sq km, and с 24,365,000 sq km including islands

  • The population of North America is approximately 579 million people or about 7% of the total Earth’s population. The continent has quite a low density of population – about 22.9 persons per square kilometre;
  • North America uses 11 main time zones: UTC-12UTC-11 (SST)UTC-10 (HAST)UTC-9 (AKST)UTC-8 (PST)UTC-7 (MST)UTC-6 (CST)UTC-5 (EST)UTC-4 (AST)UTC+10 (ChST)UTC+12 (WAKT);
  • The total area of the continent accounts for 24,365,000 sq km;
  • It consists of 49 countries and USA dependent territories with such well-known countries as Bahamas, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, USA, Jamaica and others;
  • In addition to North America, there are also 6 continents in the world: AfricaAntarcticaAsiaEuropeAustraliaSouth America.

There is a cold winter (temperatures reach -10°C) and relatively warm summer (to +30°C) on the continent. It snows in winter and rains in summer, but cloudy weather quickly changes to a warm and sunny day.

The continent is located in all climatic zones except the equatorial belt, that forms great contrasts in climate. The proximity of the ocean also has a major impact on the climate.