Timer online

Timers have long been one of the most popular gadgets. Everyone from children, students, housewives to retirees uses them. Many people are so used to timers that they can’t imagine their life without them. Timer as a separate gadget may not be for everyone, but with the advent of modern smartphones, the app «Clock» will come to the rescue, and on the computer, you can run an online timer. They are often free and easy to use.

When you need a countdown timer

There are days when every fraction of a second counts and you need to precisely meet the allotted time. In this case, a countdown timer is suitable. It can be used:

  1. In the kitchen. To follow a recipe in all phases of cooking.
  2. For all kinds of sports. Athletes especially love the timer during circuit training, as well as when performing static exercises.
  3. When working at the computer, it is important to comply with the regime of work and rest.
  4. To control the time before leaving home for a meeting, school, work, train station, etc.
  5. To control the time spent on gadgets, so that 15 minutes in social networks and at the game did not turn into several hours.
  6. Take medication yourself or give it to your loved ones or pets at regular intervals.
  7. As a built-in alarm clock, the timer is set for the number of hours to sleep.
  8. During competitions, to see who wins during a whole day or race, etc.

How to use the timer. Step-by-step instructions.

The online timer is convenient for everyone — schoolchildren, housewives, athletes, as well as those who need to time the performance of a certain task. Using the timer is not difficult if you follow the step-by-step instruction.

  1. Press «Start». Check on the zeroed timer the type of signal and the volume with which it will notify that the timer is at zero. If you want silent mode, click on the appropriate icon. Mode with sound will be most useful for those who cannot constantly monitor the timer visually. The end of time is easy to know by the sound.
  2. Select the interval. The range can be from a few hours to a few seconds.
  3. Click on «Start» to start the timer, when the time expires, a beep will sound.
  4. You can stop the time by clicking on the «Reset» button.

The online timer is a convenient service that is available to any Internet user for free and around the clock. You do not need to download it to your tablet or phone — just open the browser on your device. Using a timer, you can not only have time to do more things but also save the main resource — time.

Timer history

The first timer appeared over two thousand years ago. Ancient China used a stick made of sawdust and resin that was burned at one end. The weight on the opposite side from the fire, when the thread burned out, fell to the surface with a ringing sound. Later, the device was developed by Leonardo da Vinci. At the beginning of the 19th century, the first mechanical devices appeared. They were similar to modern alarm clocks, with the hands set to the desired hour. Electronic timers, which are used in smartphones and on Internet sites — have the greatest accuracy. Time can be timed to a fraction of a second.