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Ireland is a small country with a rich history and very beautiful places. It is popular not only for its colorful landscapes but also for its architectural monuments. Tourists from all over the world come here to admire the parks of stunning beauty, ruins of ancient castles, visit museums, as well a...
Eugene Panas 21/02/2022
Volcanoes are the most amazing, mysterious, and exciting natural formations on Earth. An erupting volcano inspires sacred awe with its power and onslaught of fire. Invading human life, volcanoes bring death, destruction, fires, and even the delaying and cancellation of flights. Mount Etna Eruption ...
Eugene Panas 15/02/2022
Traveling to hot countries in winter Let’s rejoice in the arrival of winter. It’s a beautiful time of year. With its snowflakes, frost, and Christmas tree. But here comes the realization that the Christmas tree will have to be put away, the Christmas salads with a festive mood are over, ...
Eugene Panas 08/02/2022
Tips and tricks
If you decided to vacation abroad on your own for the first time, but do not know where to start, it is best to opt for a country without a language barrier. A package tour for a single trip is not needed, the main thing is to plan your trip carefully and choose a country where tourists are welcomed...
Eugene Panas 07/02/2022

Site about travel. Useful services for tourists and travelers

Organizing an unforgettable trip is a difficult task. Often travelers use the services of travel agencies so they don’t have to waste time planning. Others take up the task themselves, develop an itinerary, book hotels or hotels, and then buy their own plane tickets. Our platform is designed just for the second category of travelers.

The site’s editorial staff places only up-to-date information useful for every tourist on the road. Publishes reviews and ratings of countries, maps of cities and countries, as well as develop such services for travelers and tourists as: online clock, timer, stopwatch, map of countries and cities of the world, time difference between cities and countries, calendar.

Here are some examples of services that help you find out the exact time in the country you are planning to visit:

The task of the platform, how the work is done and the selection of information to be placed on the pages of the site, how to navigate through the sections, the benefits of using the platform, additional, useful, informative blocks.

In addition, you can find reviews of cities and countries, comments and discussions of the city and country, the exact time in the city and country, as well as a discussion of the city or country where you want to travel. Read reviews of other tourists and travelers. Also, every tourist can enjoy an interactive map of the city, country, continent, or world. You can find them also on our platform.

Our mission

Travel broadens the horizons, brings bright emotions, activates the inner resource of a person. Our site was created for users to leave their homes more often, to change their comfort zone, to move around the world safely. On the pages of the portal are presented:

  • the latest news and articles from the world of travel;
  • tips in organizing independent tours and expeditions;
  • list of useful services and applications;
  • information about the culture and history of the chosen country, helping the traveler more quickly;
  • data on how to adapt to a new environment;
  • logistical advice on orientation, electronic maps showing landmarks and locations;
  • tips shared by experienced travelers;
  • country and city reviews;
  • world time;
  • time zones of cities and countries of the world;
  • opinions of experts in the tourism business and hospitality industry.

There are many nuances to consider when planning independent tours. It’s not just developing an itinerary, buying tickets, and booking hotels. A tourist arrives in an unknown location with certain laws, mentality, hour search, language. The information that is presented on the pages of the site will make the moment of adaptation soft and comfortable.

It is worth paying attention to such things as the difference in time and climatic conditions during the flight. Otherwise, you will have to suffer from jet lag for a long time after reaching the desired destination. Our website provides information on vaccinations you should take.

Activities of the Editorial Board

The editorial board of the platform confirms the relevance of the information posted. Before publication, travel news is thoroughly checked for usefulness to the reader. Services that the portal advises are tested, user reviews are reviewed.

Every day, the site’s journalists:

  • prepare new thematic rubrics to help you not get lost, adapt, and have fun in a new country;
  • review the list of the latest news on the political situation, rules of entry into foreign countries, conditions of luggage transportation, and airfare purchase price policy;
  • monitor a list of smartphone apps that will be useful on a trip;
  • communicate with experienced travelers, travel bloggers, and writers to provide verified information for portal users;
  • get acquainted with the expert opinion of travel agencies and organizations that develop author’s trips, summarize the information, create ratings and reviews.

To systematize information and clear presentation the material is edited, evaluated by the focus group, and only after that it is published on the site. As a result, the user receives a sufficient amount of knowledge on the topic, which is easy to apply in practice.

Navigating the site

To make it easier for travelers to find knowledge, navigation on the portal has been developed. The user can find the desired section and topic both on the main page and in a special search field. To do this, it is worth entering a query and getting access to the desired information. What headings are offered for familiarization:

  • news and articles for travelers;
  • list of interesting locations;
  • list of sights and places important to visit;
  • reviews of cities and countries popular for traveling;
  • comments, discussions, and reviews of travel bloggers about the cities they’ve visited;
  • useful travel apps (online clock, timer, stopwatch, maps of countries and cities around the world, time difference between cities and countries, calendar);
  • high-quality interactive maps of countries with geometric elements of infrastructure, public transport stations, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and hostels.

When traveling, proper orientation in unfamiliar territory is essential. Otherwise, there is an increased risk of turning your vacation into an extreme trip that will be a disappointment. The world is interactive, using information from trusted sources is the right way for a traveler. Our platform will help to get useful knowledge and go on the hunt for adventure fully armed. An active community ready to share experience and knowledge will not leave you alone.

On the platform, you can express your opinions, write reviews, and communicate with like-minded people. The site has an email address of the site administration, where you can write your suggestions and wishes. The site’s editorial staff always responds to users’ messages.

Additional informative blocks

Sharing experience plays a decisive role in travel planning. That is why we regularly post tips and tricks of popular tourists and travelers.

Organizing a trip with the guidance of someone who has personally experienced the difficulties of the journey, has stumbled and made mistakes more than once, is easier than going it alone. A newsfeed of events from the world of travel will help you navigate better. Useful services and apps will not leave you alone with problems and difficulties.

Benefits of using the platform

Let’s imagine a situation, tourist plans a vacation in a country he is interested in but does not know which city to visit first, how to organize time, what transport to use, what is worth seeing.

There is a tremendous amount of information on the Internet on a topic that is disjointed and even more confusing. Our platform comes to the rescue.

Here you can:

  1. Read an electronic map of the country, designate cities and points of visit, work out the route, learn about public transport stops.
  2. To learn about time differences between countries and cities, to determine time management system which is important in organizing travel.
  3. Read the latest news that affects the implementation of the trip.
  4. Determine points and stops along the route, based on feedback from travelers.
  5. Decide on places to visit.
  6. To work out the route.
  7. To get to know the opinion of other travelers.


As a result, you will gather the full amount of information you need to plan your trip, be prepared for any force majeure situations, and adapt better when you arrive.

Our service allows you to quickly determine which country is best to visit now. Allow yourself the freedom to move around the world, do not put off the adventure for later. It is very easy to get bright emotions and expand your horizons. On the pages of our site, you will find a lot of useful tips.


Contact the editorial board of the platform, ask questions or offer your thematic headings, you can use the e-mail address. To make a resource useful you will help user feedback about the work of the portal, navigation, and information content.