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  • Lena,
    17.02.2022, 12:25

    I’ve been living in the city of Blagoveschensk since I was born. Do I like it? Rather no, than yes. There are pluses here, but there are more minuses for living here permanently. But if you want to come here for a while (for a week, for example)-why not, it’s possible. There’s a beautiful embankment, China by the river (it’s no exaggeration from the embankment can see China, Heihe City), many restaurants and cafes of Chinese cuisine-in short, for lovers of China and Asia is not a bad tourist option. There are also a couple of good shopping malls (for example, «Islands» or «Mega»), and if you suddenly want to go to a concert or a play, the local OKC is good for it.

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