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  • Evgeniy,
    18.04.2022, 12:06

    When I was in Ukraine before, I had a chance to visit this city. Zaporizhzhia is considered to be the main Cossack center. So on the island of Khortitsa, which is located between the two banks of the city and is a protected area with wild animals and various plants, there is a whole Zaporozhian Sich. I visited it in summer, the sight is amazing. First of all, that next to the standing cannons there is a view of a huge plateau, as well as Zaporizhzhia rapids. According to legend, enemy ships crashed on them, so there are remains and treasure under the water. The fort itself is large, made in the best traditions of those times, and you can meet these walking around with sabers and Cossacks on horseback. Zaporizhzhia was also remembered for its 11 kilometers long huge avenue. I took a city bus, and all the time I admired the architecture of the city. Many of the houses have their design, some still have Soviet monuments on the tops of the houses, and some have dates of construction in 1950~. Travel prices are inexpensive, as are food and lodging in general. There are hostels and hotels in the center. I stayed at the Intourist Hotel, four stars, on Festival Square. From there you can go anywhere in the city, and there’s a view of the big building of the Regional Rada.

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