Where better to go on vacation for the first time

Author: Eugene Panas Date of publication: 07/02/2022

If you decided to vacation abroad on your own for the first time, but do not know where to start, it is best to opt for a country without a language barrier. A package tour for a single trip is not needed, the main thing is to plan your trip carefully and choose a country where tourists are welcomed.

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Consider the five best countries to visit for the first time. Let’s describe in detail their advantages and places that are worth visiting.


In Latvia, there will be no problems with the lack of knowledge of the language, as the country’s population knows Russian and knows how to speak it. To travel will need to issue a Schengen visa — it’s a simple procedure, not too much trouble.

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For holidays choose the period from late June to September — during this time you can swim in the Baltic Sea and bask on the beach.

If vacation will be in the winter, you can visit Latvia, to get to the colorful Christmas market.

All Latvian cities have a European atmosphere, from the narrow streets to the unusual architecture and national cuisine.

Be sure to try the bread ice cream, cumin cheese, peas, and spinach, see the unusual houses and huge spires on the towers.

Things to do in Latvia

In Riga — take pictures at the monument to the Bremen musicians, visit the Dome Cathedral to listen to organ music, taste the famous «Riga Balsam».

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In Sigulda — to visit ski trail, explore Gutmanja cave, wander through ruins of old castles and take picturesque photos at the foot of restored Turaida castle.

In Cesis, walk through the famous medieval castle, climb the tower by a narrow spiral staircase, and then examine the ancient cellars where the prisoners lived.

In Bauska — see the town hall, Bauska Castle, and the Rundale Palace.

In Jurmala — swim in the sea, visit the water park, walk the trail of the Great Kemer swamp.

You can build the route of your independent travel, taking into account travel by bus and train.

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It is very likely that after traveling to Latvia you will want to plan your next trip to Poland or Estonia — it is also very beautiful and interesting.


This country is famous for its hospitality, picturesque places, and delicious cuisine.

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You don’t need a visa for the trip, you just need a passport. Go better in the summer and early autumn — at this time the nature of Georgia is particularly beautiful, the sea is warm, and the sun gently warms his sides.

Things to do in Georgia

Look at the beautiful Kazbek, admire the ancient temples, swim in the sea, and taste the wine and Georgian cuisine.

Try lobio, ajapsandali, enjoy juicy khinkali, and savor khachapuri.

Locals will always tell you the right way, so you can easily travel without a navigation device. Be prepared for the eloquent toasts and genuine hospitality of the locals.

Be sure to drive along the Georgian Military Road: on the way, you can hear the noise of the Terek River and view the extraordinary beauty of mountain landscapes.

In Tbilisi — visit the Old Town, try the sulfur bath, climb to the Narikala fortress by cable car, buy unusual souvenirs for loved ones at the flea market.

In Mtskheta — to visit the Cathedral and Jvari temple, and after — to explore the cave towns with secret tunnels and steep staircases.

In Batumi — to sunbathe and swim in the sea, enjoy the scenic views.

In Georgia, it is impossible not to fall in love, but it is likely that after a trip to this country you will want to visit Armenia and Azerbaijan — they are not inferior in beauty, national colors, and hospitality.


This country is famous for its good weather in any season, exotic fruits, and Buddhist temples. There is no need for a visa if you are not planning to stay in Thailand for more than a month.

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Thai resorts can deliver a truly heavenly delight — you can sunbathe on the beautiful beaches and explore the surrounding area, or first a tour of the cultural attractions, and then relax under a palm tree on the island.

The locals greet tourists friendly. To communicate in English, school level language, to understand the schedule of trains and buses also do not make much trouble.

Things to do in Thailand

In Bangkok — visit the Buddha in Pho Wata, admire the beauty of the Royal Palace, see the exotic animals in Lumpini Park.

In Ayutthaya — explore the Buddhist temples, arrange a photoshoot against the ruins of the ancient city.

In Chiang Mai — visit the Night Market, admire the cutest pandas in the local zoo, climb Mount Doi Yntanon, promenade to the old town.

In Pai Valley — visit hot springs, waterfalls, climb to the White Buddha on the mountainside.

In Phuket — take a boat trip to the Similan Islands, ride elephants, visit a massage parlor.

If you are satisfied with the Thai cuisine and the exotic country as a whole, you can safely plan your next trip to such countries as Bali, Vietnam, or Cambodia.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is chosen for several reasons — they speak Russian, it is a European country with a reasonable price for tourists.

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To travel there you must obtain a Schengen visa. It is best to plan a vacation in the period from May to October, as in this time is favorable weather, but in December you will not be disappointed with a trip — visit the Christmas markets, which leave no one indifferent.

Prague streets are very beautiful and atmospheric: old castles, watchtowers, chapels, and gloomy museums — everything reminds a magical fairy tale.

Travel can be by rental car, bus and train.

What to do in the Czech Republic

In Prague — to taste the famous Czech beer, to get acquainted with the national cuisine — dumplings and Veps Knee, to take a walk on the Charles Bridge and make a wish, to visit the Petrin Lookout Tower and the Kafka Museum, to gaze at lemurs in the zoo. Finish with a trip to Karlštejn Castle to learn the story of the White Lady’s ghost.

In Kutna Hora — to visit St. Barbara’s Cathedral to see marvelous stained glass windows, to see the chandelier with skulls in the Chapel of All Saints, and to descend into the silver mine.

In Karlovy Vary — take a dip in a thermal spring, drink mineral water from 12 springs, and drink Becherovka liquor.

In Plzeň — tour the medieval cellars and learn about the history of brewing in the museum, visit the Pilsner Urquell brewery, and have a good tasting.

In Cesky Krumlov, you can visit the Festival of the Five-Petalled Rose, see people in medieval costumes and see the knights’ tournament (dates can be found on the Czech tourism website).

Nature lovers simply must visit the reserve «Czech Paradise» — the name fully justifies this place: thick forest, cliffs, famous castles will not leave visitors indifferent.

If you like the Czech flavor, plan your next trip to Belgium, Austria, Germany, or Switzerland, experience something different, and continue to learn about the unusual culture, architecture, and way of life of these countries.


This place is rarely remembered, and in vain — you do not need a visa there, the country is European, there is no language barrier, the sea resort can be an unforgettable experience if you travel from one picturesque bay to another. Montenegro is a very beautiful country, with a warm sea from mid-May to October.

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The mass influx of tourists is observed in July and August, but this time is better to choose a trip to the mountains, as the coast is very hot.

A trip to Montenegro for more than a month will require a visa, as well as in Thailand.

Everything is beautiful in this country — from the Adriatic Sea coast to the mountains, decorated with pine trees and lakes as if copied from a postcard.

The prices are reasonable — you can dine for 20 dollars, and choose a new bed every time: it won’t hurt your pocket.

What to do in Montenegro

In Kotor — walk on the stone cobblestones, climb the fortress wall, visit the local market, consider the palaces and churches in the Venetian style.

In the towns of Boko-Kotorskaya Bay — relax in cafes on picturesque verandas and admire houses with red-tiled roofs.

On Mount Lovcen — explore the Mausoleum of Njegos and enjoy a bird’s eye view of Montenegro.

In the national park Durmitor, we can see the Black Lake, pick strawberries, admire nature, and swim.

In the monastery Ostrog, you can see the main Orthodox shrine of Montenegro, a temple in a real cave on the rock.

After visiting Montenegro, you can visit the countries of Turkey, Bulgaria, and Croatia — there are also beautiful, inexpensive, and unique.

Going to Europe for the first time is not at all frightening. Make an independent trip to any of the above countries to see for yourself and fall in love with travel without the involvement of travel agencies.

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  • Марина,
    16.02.2022, 07:19

    I vacationed in Thailand several times. Conveniently, you do not need a visa and everything is easy to arrange. Of course, the most important thing to do is to admire the temples, monuments and just enjoy the full-time vacation in nature. I had read a lot about this country before my trip. Of course, I liked it, otherwise, I wouldn’t have come back every time. I was impressed by the hospitality of the locals and everything is provided for a comfortable stay. The trip to the Pai Valley made an indelible impression. How picturesque and beautiful. Of course, I was glad to have a full beach vacation. The beauty is incredible. It is important just not to get in the rainy season.

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