Tourist places in Kherson and Kherson region

Author: Ann Medvedeva Date of publication: 17/05/2022

When you go on a trip to an unfamiliar country, you often choose the most popular places to visit. For example, Ukraine is one of the largest countries. Familiarity with it will always begin with the cities of millions of people. You will discover the spirit of the people, their cultural heritage, and other interesting clues that will stick in your memory afterward. Today I would like to take you on a tour of one of the nicest, small cities of Kherson and its region.

For starters, I will describe the place in general terms, before you dive into the setting.

Well, it’s a small town on the mighty Dnieper River in the south of Ukraine. The city is more than sunny, bright green, and blooming. In the parks, there is a hum of children’s laughter, women’s conversations, and men’s disputes which has steeper spinning. You can also smell the enticing aroma of coffee and delicious pastries, which are beckoning «well, eat me. Kherson, as far as I am concerned, is a rather cozy and cheerful place to live. After a few handshakes, everyone knows each other, and they are either cousins or relatives. Not for nothing do they say about it — a small village.

Also in the city, there are a sufficient number of beaches, where the family spend their leisure time. The most beautiful and majestic cathedrals rise behind the crown of trees. I like the Catherine Cathedral. It is made in the style of an ancient temple, as in Olympus. On the territory of the temple, there is a cozy square and a rose garden. A magical place for relaxation.

Because of certain events in Ukraine, I think that the suburb of Kherson, Chernobaevka will become a mass tourist destination and a place of power.

That is how I see my native Kherson. I’d love to hear your story about your impressions of the city in the comments!
Let’s move away from the charms of the city a little bit, and get acquainted with the wonderful places that are located on the territory of the Kherson region.

Askania Nova

First on the list is Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve. This park is famous all over Europe. This is a huge territory, which has never been touched by the plow of the farmers. The virgin steppe is covered with feather grass. Rare species of animals listed in the Red Book live and breed on these plantations. The way there takes a lot of time, but believe me, it is worth it. Because along the road extends extraordinary beauty of sunflower fields and rapeseed, and there are also plantations of peach and apple orchards and vineyards. Just imagine the aromas there.

In this area are organized excursions, during which you can observe the life of wild animals in natural conditions.

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Stanislavsky Canyon

The next station is Stanislav Canyon in Kherson on the bank of the Dnieper-Bug estuary. This is an amazing place from which you will not want to leave. Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon in the USA? It’s a beauty.  The power and grandeur of that place are off the charts. So, Kherson Canyon is scary like the older brother in America. It is also enormous in length, 660 hectares. Just as mesmerizing.  Kherson Mountains, as the locals call the canyon, is just a landslide of clay soils. To enjoy this view, go there for a tour and feel the flurry of emotions. Especially divine landscapes at dawn or dusk. This remarkable sight is located about 100 km from Kherson in the village of Stanislav.

It turns out that this is just information, as they say off the record, a huge number of Germans come to visit our Kherson region. And then they say with amazement how many interesting things are concentrated in one place (region): mountains, rivers, sea and much more.

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Sanatorium Gopri Kherson region

Often, people going to resort towns (and the Kherson region is such), want to get rid of unpleasant symptoms that tormented them for some time. So, in a small village called Golaya Wharf, there is a famous health resort. It is a sanatorium, which is built in a unique location on the shore of a salt lake. Also on its shore is unique therapeutic mud, which heals various ailments. It gained popularity back in Soviet times and people from all over the Soviet Union came there. The health program is developed from 12 days to a month. It includes proper nutrition specially prepared for your body, mud procedures, salt baths, etc.
It takes 40 minutes by a comfortable suburban bus to get from Kherson to such a place. They say that after such a resort people became 10 years younger. And now for the beautiful things.

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Rest on the island of Dzharylgach

I hope that you are not tired of the tour yet. And we can continue, going to one of the most beautiful islands Dzharylgach. It is located near the resort town of Skadovsk. First, from the Kherson bus station you need to get to the seaside town Skadovsk, and then take a boat to the island. It will take you 2 hours by boat.

The island is famous for its extraordinarily white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Not for nothing, I call it jokingly the local Maldives. An amazing place with the most beautiful places for photo shoots and unforgettable scenery. Here, some Ukrainian celebrities even shoot music videos. On the territory of the island, you can meet the representatives of fauna, such as wild boars, and deer.  Do not make you wait and flocks of dolphins. They are so accustomed to people that they swim close enough to the shore, you need only touch your hand.

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Come to the island and let the whole world wait!
If you are bored with active recreation, I can suggest going to the romantic place Chateau of Prince Trubetskoy.

Chateau of Prince Trubetskoy

The road there is not short. But on the way, you can admire beautiful views of nature.
This is a country complex for an unforgettable pastime, which keeps on its territory an old winery building. Wine cellars and tasting rooms are also present. There is also a hotel with an outdoor pool and a restaurant with excellent cuisine from the culinary masters.

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Here you will learn the history of the estate and the winery. You can also taste the high-quality products made in-house (wine and cheese). Take a walk around the castle grounds and enjoy the views. There are also several low waterfalls not far from the estate, which is also a fascinating sight.

Fortunately, the list of attractions in the region and the city can be endless.

In a conclusion I would like to add one piece of advice — travel, it is worth it. Get to know amazing places of the native land. Because emotions are our life. And let’s make life more beautiful!


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