Advantages and characteristics of rest in warm countries in winter

Author: Eugene Panas Date of publication: 08/02/2022

Traveling to hot countries in winter

Let’s rejoice in the arrival of winter. It’s a beautiful time of year. With its snowflakes, frost, and Christmas tree. But here comes the realization that the Christmas tree will have to be put away, the Christmas salads with a festive mood are over, but the drifts, snowdrifts, and frozen nose, do not hurry to part with us. We want warmth, sunshine, and something new.

Of course, meeting New Year’s Eve traditionally in the family circle is a good way to spend the winter vacations. And if we expand the tradition and go to meet the new year in a warm country?

Change of scenery

Just imagine a gentle sea, comfortable warmth, somewhere in the UAE, Egypt, or Thailand. How can it be compared to the city’s slushy winter, which is often observed outside the window? And as a consequence of a gloomy mood. Lack of energy and sleepiness. Holidays in warm countries will charge you with positive energy, which is enough to complete any task.

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Emotional lifting

It can be compared to a fairy tale. In just a few hours of flight find yourself on the coast of the warm sea. It all starts at the airport when the heart sinks with anticipation of joy, and the suitcase can hardly roll on the snowy airport square. And here is another country, with its traditions. With its unusual cuisine. With its national coloring and culture. You hear a foreign speech from all sides. Here everything is different. Meeting this makes our thoughts and our bodies work differently. Childlike joy seizes us at this moment.

Strengthen your health

The healing effect of sea climate has been known since ancient times. Wet coastal air, rich in iodine, is very useful for many people. According to statistics, a large number of Russians live in areas with insufficient iodine content, which affects the thyroid gland. And the fact that in our area is not enough sunlight, anyone knows. There is no need for statistics. This is especially noticeable in winter.

Due to the sun’s rays, naturally forms vitamin «D» in the human body. Here’s another reason why you should travel to warm countries.


Why, after all, is it desirable to go on vacation to a hot country in the winter? Yes, because in the summer there is incredible heat with high humidity, which does not give to enjoy fully as it can be done in the winter. After all, it is the winter months in these countries that are comfortable for humans.

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The financial side of the issue, for tourists in winter, is very attractive. Traditionally, the vacation season is summer, and winter is a relative lull. Summer prices are much more expensive, regardless of the stardom of the hotel. Ticket prices for air travel are also high and popular destinations are quickly sold out. In winter, however, the resort towns become deserted. Locals compare it to a light switch — there is a sudden silence. We have to cut prices on everything that concerns tourists. It is necessary to at least somehow interest rare guests. So for the off-season holidays, there is an opportunity to save a lot of money.

Another country with its traditions

Rest on the shore of the warm sea, not always as in the picture — in rainbow colors. Tourists have to deal with some peculiarities. Many of them are well known to travelers who more than once visited such resorts.

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Irritating residents

The manifestation of «special» attention from the residents, happens, but not everywhere. The desire to get up close or even touch someone with different skin color comes from the spiritual simplicity of the locals. More often this happens in poor countries, where the appearance of a tourist promises more money, which should not be missed. Some people take it calmly. Someone, it can be annoying. In one way or another, one must be prepared for it.


A traveler who made a flight at least will find himself in a different time zone. Knowing this, it is important to properly organize your first hours in another country. The solar activity here will also be different. So do not rush into all the rage of a beach holiday. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and sun exposure in moderation in the first few days — will help smoothly acclimatize.

The Food

Seacoast countries are rich in exotic fruits. In our time, we have already tried a lot of our supermarkets. How much more to try being directly in the homeland of these fruits. But keep in mind that our body is not used to many wonders of local nature. No fewer surprises the local cuisine. These are spices, savory dishes, sweets. The whole kaleidoscope of flavors. It is worth taking gastronomic delights, with a healthy dose of caution. Observe the reaction of the body to new things. With this approach, your holiday will be at its best.


  • George,
    08.02.2022, 21:10

    Cool! I like it. Thailand is the best country for me!

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